Pantile Persians

Home of Blue Persians

Hi my name is Pam Farmer and I live in St.Helens, Merseyside with my collection of animals, Persian cats and Border Collie dogs. 

I obtained my first Persian in 1995, answering an advertisement for someone rehoming an ex breeding queen, from then on I was hooked.  Helen was a chocolate tabbie point, she was followed by Ellie-May a chocolate tortie point, Baby Helen (daughter of Helen) lilac tabby self, Porche a lilac-cream self, Willow a red tabbie point (my first of my Shaydcat Persians)Charlie a Seal Tabbie point, Beau a Seal point and numerous more besides.

It was after the death of Willow that I decided to contact his breeder and get a replacement cat for my daughter's birthday.  I rang , got not one but two beautiful blue cream tabbie points and the best friend that anyone could ask for .

I now breed and show my beautiful babies mainly solid dilute persians but now with the recent additions of bi-colour and colourpoint.  I have the great pleasure to have helped save the lines of my very good friend Maureen Holmes of Kavikat Persians in the lovely form of Pantile A Dream Come True.




This is Pantile Cottage, the place were my cattery gets its name from, the family home of my mother-in-laws parents in Wales, in memory of two of the most generous people I ever met. 


Home:     01744 611986

Mobile:   07933353765